Creating the initial DTS Package on SQL Server

The first stage is to either use Enterprise Manager Data Transformation Services or Select the Import and Export Data option from SQL Server Programs group.

For a simple file import - single file no complex transformations then use whichever you are most familiar with.

If you are defining a more complex import e.g. Deleting temporary data prior to performing the import, multiple files being imported etc. then I would recommend you go through Transformation services.

If you are creating a package and have full control of what is available on the COM+ server then by all means use transformations for the data, if however, you are deploying a package that is more generic I would recommend avoiding transformations in the main package and add the code through stored procedures

Finally, test the package - don't be too concerned about the fixed path to the database and source file at this stage - that will be changed in the com+ package

Save the DTS Package and set the location to a COM+ VB Module folder.
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