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Summary of skills available

SQL Server DBA / Development

DTS Generation and deployment of packages ranging from fairly simple text file imports to complex transformations from access source databases
SSIS SQL 2005 version of DTS - quite a few radical changes
ETL Both customer transformations and meta data driven ETL on a range of databases from a few hundred Mg to 27 Tb
  Importing data and converting to required format - mainframe exports, PAF (Postal Address Files), BACS imports BACS Export files - fixed format
  DTS Implementation customised VB program for deployment as well as transferring DTS package (custom VB program used to negate effects of different file structures on target platforms as well as database names etc. changing
Tuning Index optimization, stored procedure development and optimization
  Hardware optimization - although in these days it's not required as much with Win2000 and SQL Server 2000
Development Data cleansing server side
  Data manipulation through TSQL
COM+ Development of COM+ objects to interact with SQL Server
  Development of COM+ objects to interact with DTS packages for data import through asp
Design Logical and physical database design
  Federated server design
  Indexed views
  SQL Server functions Although on 2005 I would recommend CLR functions

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